For enrollment there is a $20.00 registration fee PER CHILD.
Please fill out the form and choose one of the options below for payment.

This form must be completed in full and submitted with the $20 registration fee before students will be added to the roster. Online payment is available below.

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I understand that this application must be accompanied by a $20 non-refundable registration fee. September tuition is due prior to the first class. Regular monthly payments will be due the first week of each month. No refunds will be made after the first week of classes except for illness or injury for which a doctor's note is required. The student name on this form attends classes and rehearsals at their own risk and the school will not be held responsible for any injury incurred. The signing of this form constitutes your contract for the full amount of fees as stated above.
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Before making a payment be sure to fill out the form above first! Thank you

Mail In

Please complete the form above or the Registration Form and mail it in including the registration fee of $20.00 prior to the start of class.

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Southwick, MA

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